We've Moved!

Our new home is located at 592 Memorial Avenue directly across from CAA.


Celebrating 40 Years of Integrity & Community Service

When Jerry Gothard and Dave Ringius opened this business in 1980, it was as a way of growing in to the community instead of out of it. They’d been feeling that the financial industry, overall, was transitioning away from the focus on relationships and customer service they believed in, and they wanted to work with clients on their own terms.

Combining their decades of complementary experience, Jerry and Dave pursued their vision for a locally-rooted business together for 20 years. In that time their personal approach to finance and insurance established Capital Financial as a trusted local alternative to large national brokerages and wove them deeply into the community they loved.

Dave retired in 2000 and Jerry became partners with his daughter Kelli, who has continued on with the family business since Jerry's passing in 2016. 

Although they are no longer with us, Jerry and Dave set an example we are proud to follow. Integrity and community service never go out of style. 

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