Group Benefits

Group benefits come in what can be an overwhelming variety of shapes and sizes, including options for health and drug coverage, vision care, dental, life insurance, AD&D, critical illness and disability insurance. 

A good benefits package helps keep your workforce healthy and happy and helps you recruit and retain the best staff.  At Capital Financial  Services we’ll work with you to design a package customized to the needs of your industry, your business and your people.

What kind of benefits can be included in a group plan?

Extended Health Care Benefits - Dental Coverage - Life/AD&D Insurance - Critical Illness Coverage
Disability Coverage - Travel Insurance - Retirement Planning


Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance

The Chambers Plan is Canada's leading group benefit plan for Chamber Member businesses with 1-50 employees. Learn more.

All Chamber Members are eligible to participate! 

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Group Extended Health Care Benefits

The public healthcare system is designed to provide Ontario families with basic healthcare coverage.   Extended Health Care Benefits are designed to fill in the gaps. Details of exactly what is covered, how much the plan pays, and what the deductible amounts are vary among plans.

Extended Health Care benefits can include a combination of the following features:

  • Hospital care: semi-private hospital room in the plan member's province
  • Prescription drugs: medication prescribed by a doctor
  • Medical services and equipment: private duty nursing, ambulances, crutches, hearing aids, etc.
  • Paramedical services: chiropractors, naturopaths, podiatrists, etc.
  • Vision care: eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Emergency Travel Insurance
Let’s talk about your business and the people in it: we’re here to do the groundwork and can design a plan just for you. 

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 Looking for personal extended health care coverage?  Click here.

Group Dental Benefits

Basic dental coverage typically includes:

  • Check-up visits and detailed dental exams
  • Scaling, polishing and Fluoride
  • Dental x-rays, periapical films and panoramic film
  • Fissure and pit sealants
  • Minor restorations that may include fillings and prefab crowns
  • Oral surgery – The removal of erupted or impacted teeth or residual roots, any needed anesthesia

Based on the composition of your workforce, dental plans can be customized to include specialized care, including:

Endodontic and Periodontal Procedures

  • Root canal therapeutics
  • Gum treatments

Major Dental Coverage

  • Crowns and onlays, dentures and bridges
  • Denture relining and rebasing, the repair of dentures or bridgework

Orthodontic Dental Coverage

  • Orthodontic exams, casts, x-rays
  • Braces and retainers for any children under the age of 17

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Group Life Insurance

A Group Life plan is designed to provide coverage to your employee’s family in the event of their death. This benefit is scalable based on your needs and budget, and employees will pay their premiums via payroll deductions.

Group Optional Life Insurance

Plan members can opt to add optional life coverage, providing more money in the event of a death with group rates. Employees can top up their life insurance with up to $500,000 in optional insurance. This is completely up to the individual employee and does not come with increased cost for your firm.

Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)

Safety is a priority for any business, but unfortunately tragic accidents can happen. This benefit provides employees and their families funds in the event of a death, paralysis, loss of a limb, speech, sight or hearing due to an accident.

Group Dependent Life Insurance

This benefit provides funds in the event of a death of an employee’s spouse or dependent children.

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Group Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness can dramatically impact your life and your ability to earn an income and provide for your family. This type of situation is stressful for anyone and it’s a sad reality for many workers.  Critical illness insurance is designed to provide your workers and their families with the funds needed to meet ongoing financial demands, protecting them from hardship and giving your critically ill staff the opportunity to focus on their health and recovery.

Whan a covered employee is diagnosed with a major illness, Critical Illness insurance provides a lump-sum payment as early as 30 days after diagnosis.  This will not only protect the family from financial hardships, but it will also allow your employee to focus on your health and recovery.

Click here for information on personal coverage for Critical Illness.


Group Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is designed to provide financial protection in the event of an injury or illness that impairs one’s ability to earn an income. Typically, the benefit will provide either short term or long-term funds to cover treatment costs and pay for necessities during the recovery period.

Find information here on personal disability coverage.


Group Travel Insurance

Whether your people travel for business or pleasure, make sure you’ve packed them travel insurance as protection against the unexpected. Travel insurance can cover trip cancellation, interruptions in travel plans, or medical expenses.

Looking for personal travel insurance?  Click here.

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Group Pension & RRSP

Hire – and keep – the best staff by offering a pension plan! A pension plan promises your staff better financial health during retirement and can be a significant part of an employee’s total compensation, improving their commitment and job satisfaction. A group plan offers more buying power because your contributions are pooled and invested with many others, resulting in fees that are generally lower than those you’d find as an individual investor. 

There are a number of options available based on your goals for your program.  For example, voluntary plans allow those employees who are interested to participate in the program with convenient features like payroll deduction. Alternatively, a contributory plan could be established where the company is providing a matching element.

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