Meet Kelli

kelli-bwKelli Gothard McKinnon is Capital Financial Services' Managing Partner and Benefits Specialist.

Kelli left a management position in banking to join her dad Jerry Gothard and his partner Dave Ringius at Capital Financial Services in 1994 for the same reason Jerry and Dave started the firm: she wanted to serve her clients’ needs, not her business’. Today she serves as Capital Financial Services' Managing Partner and lead Benefits Specialist and, in keeping with their vision and her own, Kelli’s approach to business puts her clients’ best interests first.

“It saved my son’s life.”

In 2008, Kelli’s young son was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and a short prognosis. Since then, her experience with group benefits has become intensely personal. For more than a decade her family life focused on getting him treatment and proving the prognosis wrong. Today Kelli points confidently to the Chambers Plan and the products it offers which enabled them to seek out specialists worldwide as well as cover drug, travel and other health-related expenses: “It saved my son’s life.”

This experience has given Kelli a deep understanding of the way the health care system works and how benefits plans interact with it, making her a great resource for plan members looking for advice. Having had more experience as a group benefits user in the past decade than most people have in a lifetime, she feels incredibly strongly about connecting clients not only with the right benefit plans but also with existing government programs that can assist with a family's quality of life.

Like her dad and Dave, Kelli believes in investing herself into the community. Her personal interest in health care and family wellness has led her to work with organizations like the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation, Camp Quality, the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Northern Ontario Association of Chambers of Commerce and the Junior Chamber.

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